Finding accommodation in Valletta

Valletta bay windows

Renting in Valletta is more expensive than anywhere else on Malta. The Unesco world heritage site is 900 by 600 metres, making it the EU’s smallest capital, with a population of 6,500.

Freelance travellers wanting to live in Malta will have to pay a high premium to rent out a Valletta townhouse. Demand frequently outstretches supply, especially during the summer, when regular tourists compete for the same properties.

Airbnb rentals in Valletta are therefore around 10-15% more expensive than nearby resorts such as Sliema and St Julians.

What areas to live in Malta

Looking over to Valletta from Sliema

Looking over to Valletta from Sliema by Michael Holler (Flickr/Creative Commons)

Sliema is a modern resort packed full of bars, chain stores and everyday amenities. It is also a major transport hub with regular ferries and buses going to the capital and other destinations on the island.

While Sliema is not beautiful with over-development blighting its Victorian character, the town remains a convenient place to live. The holiday resort is only a ten-minute ferry ride from the Maltese capital, and many of its new apartments offer bay views of the Valletta skyline.

If you are looking for short or long-term accommodation in Malta, then here are some the best independent websites around.

Renting in Malta

For Rent in Malta is a smart choice for travellers in Malta. Securing accommodation on local and privately run forums is usually much cheaper than booking via Airbnb.

Short Lets Malta is a popular choice for travellers wanting to find short and long term accommodation in Valletta.

Join this Facebook group if you want to get a bespoke accommodation deal from a local. If you want to share a flat in Malta then this group is ideal for travellers and expats looking for somewhere affordable on the island.

*Header image by Carsten ten Brink (Flickr/Creative Commons)

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